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Our Services

Monitor everything from the customers perspective

Keep your business online by alerting for downtime, poor page speed and errors that irritate your customers.

Continuous Testing Platform for APIs

Test REST, SOAP, Web Services, and Microservices. Built for Testers and Engineers. Deploy On-Premises.

Continuously improve your website performance

Make your website, better, faster and more efficient by tracking your website’s performance in real time.

Meaningful alerts and notifications

LinksGuard's notifications are designed to give you the most important details of your test failures so your team can make quick decisions on how to respond to downtime.

Digital Experience Monitoring platform

Easily integrate the solution at any step of your project lifecycle. Test in one click and get a 360° supervision of your services using reliable results and accurate data.

Active Installs

Monitor API availability

Guarantee the performance and functionality of an entire transaction or business flow by requesting data from one API, and ensure that the expected feedback has been received.

LinksGuard Software

Discover how with simple tool, you can improve your customer satisfaction regarding the your service availability. Our task team well be very happy to be in touch with you.